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Wool fabric printing faces good opportunities

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Along with the rapid development of the domestic economy, people's living standards have improved significantly. Consumers who focus on quality of life have begun to pay attention to wool textiles, which brings great opportunities for digital printing of wool fabrics. Digital printing is suitable for fine wool fabrics. High-grade wool fabrics are characterized by small batch size, exquisite patterns and strong fashion sense.

It should be noted that the fabric preparation of the digital printing of wool fabrics is generally subjected to chlorination which can significantly improve the color depth, vividness and sharpness of the printing pattern. In addition, factors such as paste, moisture absorbent and acid release agent in the pretreatment process have a significant effect on the printing effect. The digital printing of wool fabrics should also be considered in combination with the entire dyeing and finishing process to achieve a good printing effect without affecting the fine style of wool fabrics.

The dyestuffs used for digital jet printing of wool fabrics is mainly acid dyestuffs or reactive dyestuffs produced by some large foreign companies. The color depth, color light and color fastness of the dyestuffs are very important. In addition, the adaptability of the nozzle is the most critical, otherwise the dyestuffs is blocked. It will be a very troublesome thing.

The digital printing of wool fabrics is emerging in the industry, and it is also an important direction for the development of digital printing technology after silk.

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